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Forest Scene


Please fill out the appropriate request form when you've decided on what kind of piece you are looking for.


Wood-burned & Painted Illustrations

  • an $80 non-refundable deposit for initial sketch and finalized design before burning

  • Choose your price dependent on the wood style that you want. 

  • Wood sizing & prices are available in the drop down menu on the request form


Wood-burned Pet Portraits

I will recreate the image exactly as I see it, so if the image is blurry or the pose is weird, then that is what you will get!

  • Good quality photos are required!

  • You will receive a layout of the pet on the wood you chose for final confirmation *see wood options below

  • 50% deposit is then required before burning

  • $150/pet - each portrait takes about 9-12hrs


Originals wood-burned and painted by hand. Add some of my color to your home decor.
Forest Sunrays


I started my art career at a very young age, re-drawing the coloring book pages that I liked so that I could do them again, with different colors. My dad would come check on me every night after he put me to bed and take away my flashlight and sketch book to make sure I was going to sleep. Paper and pencil were my life, until I found wood-burning. Now they are simply a means with which I transfer to wood.


I consider myself a multi-media artist, but this site is primarily dedicated

to my wood-burning art. Each piece listed here is done by hand by

myself, or is a print of an original artwork. I have drawn the design,

burned the linework or other textures into the wood and then painted

it with watercolor paints. I will sometimes add different foils for the light

to catch. My work is inspired by my love of the fantasy realm and fairy

tales, and I try to cram as many details into each piece as I can. The

closer and longer you look the more things you will discover. I hope

that I have captured enough essence of each piece in these few

images, for you to fall in love. 

I will sometimes open my books up for pet portraits or other commissions,

so be sure to sign up for my newsletter for advanced notice on when this might be coming. You can follow along on my Instagram to see my gallery of previous items and other customs works that I have completed. 

If you've read this far I would like to thank you for you interest in my work and look forward to possibly working with you in the future or shipping something your way. Cheers!

~ Hayley                       


What's in Store at OLD CROW EMPORIUM?

Old Crow is a local shop located in the Kimberley Platzl, British Columbia.
Contact me if you see something you like and if item is available, we can arrange for shipping.


T. 250 - 427 - 8176 |

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